CIN-k System

CIN-k is the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) developed by CIN that allows to save up to 30% in energy, thus contributing to an improved respect for the environment and a reduced footprint.

Thermal Balance During Winter, CIN-k prevents heat leaks. In the summer, it reduces overheating inside, promoting a thermal balance.

Reduced Energetic Consumption Over 30% of the heat losses and gains of a building occur through the façade. By using CIN-k, you can efficiently reduce temperature variations, also minimizing the occurrence of thermal bridges and condensation inside the homes.

Real Estate Valorization CIN-k is a suitable solution for new buildings since it allows to reduce the costs of material and labor without reducing the space.

In renovation works, it is a simple and fast way to renovate façades by improving its characteristics of thermal insulation.

With CIN-k, facades are kept in good condition for longer, improving their value.

More efficient façades A performance that you see and feel.
Thermal Confort

A comfortable temperature 365 days a year.

Cost Reduction

Reduces the heating and cooling energy bill in up to 30%.


Maintains the new look of the façades in your home, ensuring a high market value.


Significantly reduces the appearance of humidity and mould.


Reduces the impact on the generation of gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

3.Princol Mortar/FB/Fibre/100
5.Fixation nails
6.Princol Mortar/FB/Fibre/100
7.Reinforced mesh
8.Princol Mortar/FB/Fibre/100
9.Textured Primer
10.Thick Coating Carso1/Eralit

Compliance and Safety • EUROPEAN TECHNICAL EVALUATION (ETA 16/0294) - in 2016, it obtained a favorable technical assessment based on parameters defined at European level that ensure the compliance of CIN-k with the requirements of the ETAG 004.

• CE MARKING (1328-CPR-0602) - this certificate attests that all the provisions concerning the assessment and verification of constancy of performance described in ETA 16/0294 are applied and that the factory production control is assessed according to the applicable requirements.

• RCCTE (D.L. 80/2006) - also complies with the thermal requirements in the energy certification of buildings.

Valid certifications for CIN-k EPS Classic.